Torsdag, 22. september 2016 - 16:00

Efter et vellykket event sidste år med Prokura, har vi valgt og gentage successen igen i år. Denne gang med et nyt tema, så hvis du var afsted sidste år er der ingen grund til ikke at tilmelde sig igen, for det bliver fedt. Nedenfor kan i læse mere om programmet for aftenen.

Theme: Negotiations strategy and preparations

The negotiation process is the act of preparing and conducting negotiation with the aim of enter into a mutually beneficial agreement with a counterpart. Would you like to learn more about how can use negotiation strategies to reach an optimal outcome for you and your counterpart? Prokura will teach you how to prepare, how to set your targets and which tactics to use. Negotiation strategy can be applied in both private and professional settings, and will give you an incomparable advantage in many situations.
 The program will be as following: 16:30-17: Introduktion 17-20: Training 20-21: Food and networking
 There will only be 20 seets, so first come first serve.  Best regards Fagligt Udvalg, Sidsel og Christoffer.

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